Ok, so my first post for the class was a little slow coming due to a technical glitch with wordpress – I couldn’t authenticate myself, so wordpress had to manually do it for me! I created a help ticket and they replied in less than 24 hours.  Yes, even the Facilitator encounters technical difficulties. But, if you […]

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My staff will tell you that I have a whole list of these. Some of which include… There is no crying in insurance There is no throwing things in insurance There is no whining in insurance There is no kicking in insurance When I became a new supervisor…

So I created a Twitter account, followed instructions on setting up Twitter widget but I don’t think it worked….let’s see  

It is very easy to add facebook widget – copy/paste the URL into the widget. The only issue is that you need to make sure your own FB page is public – mine was private, so I couldn’t get the site to show up. I am using a FB page of MisfitMom in place of […]

My son’s new addiction is this video from Hormel. I can see the appeal, he was able to sing the lyrics right away and boggie down at the same time!  Now all you have to do is cut/paste the URL of the video – to embed. You can also follow along these instructions – super […]

I’ve changed my theme a few times to settle on format. The cloud category isn’t working properly – that’s next. I’ve registered by blog – and in order to complete registration, I need to have their icon somewhere on my site, so here it is Update: I went under widgets and adjusted them so that they […]

I found setting under “Settings”, then go to “Sharing” where you drag boxes into a grey box that permanently set share features – fixed my problem. Now I just to finalize my theme again!